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Watermain Project

Current construction projected plans:
Watermain Update:
May 22, 2024
Clinton St. and Gratiot St. intersection will be closed due to watermain installation.
Concrete will be poured on N. Main St. Expect lane changes and possible short delays.
Drive Safe🚗
*All work contingent on weather and unforeseen complications*

What you can expect:
  • When installing new watermain crews will try to leave one lane open for traffic. It would be helpful to avoid these areas that crews are working.  Driveways may be blocked temporarily.  
  • When installing new service lines crews may need to enter your home to hook up the waterline.  
  • You may be without water temporarily (a few hours) so you may want to have bottled water on hand.  

  • The City of Ovid is one month into the two-year contract with Montgomery Excavating and Fleis and Vandenbrink engineering to complete an estimated $9.8 million update to our water system. Parts of the system are well beyond their useful life and need to be replaced.
  • The project will replace 2,288 linear feet of 2-inch cast iron watermain and 21,970 linear feet of 4-inch cast iron watermain with 8-inch PVC pipe. Another 1,275 feet of 6-inch cast iron main will be changed to 10-inch PVC. This will decrease the water loss of our aged system and improve flow.
  • Sixty-one fire hydrants will be replaced ($378,200), with 30 of the hydrants getting Storz fittings for quick connection for the fire department ($22,500).
  • The project will also replace 657 water meters at a cost of $328,365.
  • Filter media at the water treatment plant will be replaced for $113,532. The filter media is responsible for removing iron from the water. The media has not been changed since the WTP was built in 1991.
  • All galvanized service lines into homes on streets getting new watermain will be replaced. EGLE requires that galvanized lines be replaced before they are hooked into the new main and must be replaced with PEX, copper or PVC.
  • Water rates increased in January. Rates were changed after a third-party consultant rate study. Since the water and sewer is operated with enterprise funds (self-supporting fee for service), rates had to increase to cover the Cities 25% share of the project.
  • The City of Ovid will be getting 75% of the project cost ($7,365,000) through grant funding and will be responsible to repay 2.5 million in two separate bonds over a 20-year period and 40-year period.